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A Journey Into Paradise

Nochevieja - New Year’s Eve 2013 in Mexico

01 January, 2014

New Year’s Eve,or Nochevieja,draws millions of revelers out on the town throughout Mexico,including a large number of travelers,locals and ex-pats. Beaches from Puerto Vallarta to Cancun will be packed with visitors looking to escape colder climes,while a wide variety of celebrations,performances and other festivities will keep the party going well past midnight.

Fireworks and champagne will help partygoers ring in the New Year,paired with hearty exclamations of Feliz Año Nuevo (Happy New Year)! Traditional meals on Nochevieja in Mexico include bacalo (dried,salted cod) and buñuelos (fried dough balls),paired with special ponche (punch) to wash it down.

Customarily,Mexican New Year’s activities are also driven by a fair amount of superstition,including that dressing in certain colors will bring good luck. For example,white is believed to bring spiritual goodness,green is for good health,red is for love and yellow is for wealth. In some areas,it is tradition to throw a bucket of water out the window at the stroke of midnight to signify renewal and hope for the New Year. In the same way,other traditions involve sweeping out old dust to remove unwanted baggage,and/or sweeping in coins to attract prosperity. 

The Mexican Caribbean – a region that includes Cancun and the Riviera Maya,which is home to Playa del Carmen,Puerto Aventuras and Tulum – is an excellent place to spend New Year’s Eve in Mexico,thanks to the fabulous beaches and wide variety of entertainment options that are available. This year,Playa’s infamous Mamitas Beach Club will host award-winning DJ Armin Van Buuren,while Mandala Beach in Cancun will offer a unique party with champagne and other goodies served directly on the beach. In fact,Travelocity has recognized Cancun as the world’s Top New Year’s Eve Destination,and Tulum will host the Young Turks and a variety of other bands at an all-night beach party.

What is your favorite destination for New Year’s Eve? Share your ideas with other readers in the comments section below!