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A Journey Into Paradise

Año Nuevo - Celebrating New Year’s Day in Mexico

01 January, 2014

Following the late night action on New Year’s Eve,it’s no surprise that people throughout Mexico often spend Año Nuevo (New Year’s Day) eating and relaxing at home. In addition,it’s important to note that Christmas festivities in Mexico will continue through January 6,so technically New Year’s Day is part of that tradition as well.

A popular custom to celebrate the New Year in Mexico includes placing candles on a white plate surrounded by lentils,beans,rice,corn,flour and a cinnamon stick. Then,the candles are allowed to burn until melted and the waxy mixture is buried to attract abundance. Eating a tablespoon of cooked lentils is also thought to bring good luck,as is placing a candle on a rimmed tray for families and friends to leave offerings and small change.

In addition,it is customary in Mexico to write down wishes for the New Year on a piece of paper and saving them to burn as they come true. In the same way,many people eat 12 grapes representing each month of the upcoming year,making a wish as they consume each one.

As a national public holiday in Mexico,banks,schools,government offices and many businesses are closed for New Year’s Day,so it’s a good idea to check with the local public transit authorities for time and route changes if travel is on the agenda. Viewed as an “obligatory day of rest” for most people,many tourist attractions will remain open,including museums,galleries and archaeological sites – just be sure to check before heading out to make certain your destination of choice is open for business.

Of course,resorts and hotels throughout Mexico’s most popular vacation destinations will offer a wide variety of activities and events for New Year’s Day,including special recovery spa packages,massages and scrumptious brunches that are complete with bloody marys and mimosas to ease any lingering discomfort from the previous night’s antics.

How do you prefer to spend New Year’s Day? Share your plans with other readers in the comments section below!