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A Journey Into Paradise

Diving in Cozumel Real Estate

11 December, 2013

As one of the best-known Scuba diving destinations in the entire world,Mexico’s Cozumel Island offers easy access to a large number of excellent dive sites that will bring you up close and personal with the area’s many colorful schools of fish and other sea life that calls these stunning waters home. Situated close to some of the world’s most beautiful reefs and just 12 miles from Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula,Cozumel offers underwater adventure for divers of all skill levels to enjoy. 

At 28 miles long and just 10 miles wide,Cozumel real estate is also the most important island in the Mexican Caribbean,in part thanks to the many excellent diving opportunities that can be found in the region. Despite its popularity,however,the island is still fairly quiet and retains a sense of remaining undiscovered. 

Palancar Reef is one of the most popular dive sites near Cozumel,as it is a great place for novice divers to gain experience and enjoy the area’s natural beauty. Three and a half miles of large coral clusters share the reef with stunning orange and purple sponges and colorful fish,while the calm ocean currents here provide excellent photographic opportunities.

Also of note,the nearby Columbia Wall reaches 90 feet below the ocean surface and is home to countless caves and tunnels. Here,sea turtles,eagle rays and barracuda join other large examples of marine life,which can be found swimming around the enormous coral pillars that make this site so impressive. 

In addition,Santa Rosa Wall begins more than 50 feet below the water’s surface and offers an excellent deep dive site,while Paradise Beach provides an excellent beachside dive by day or by night. Situated quite close to Caleta,this area is popular for obtaining diving certification and is also a great place to learn. Finally,Punta Tunich is known for its fast currents and long ridges of coral. Here,divers will enjoy the many sea fans,gorgonians and whips that reside beneath the coral overhangs,along with countless sponges,grunt and snapper.