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A Journey Into Paradise

Bringing your dog to Mexico

31 October, 2013


Recently I have become a dog owner and it has completely and utterly changed my life for the best. Over the last few months it has got me thinking a little bit about the other dog owners down here in the Riviera Maya and how exactly they had made the move with their companions. Whether you are moving permanently or just traveling for a few months there are a few requirements you should know first. 

I live here with family and friends alike whom the majority are dog owners. From large breed dogs like St. Bernard’s and Mastiffs to small breeds like Pugs and Yorkie. I then started to notice that many of my clients where soon going to ask me the question... How to do I get my pet to Mexico? So I began to do my research and this is all you need to know... 

It is a very simple and easy process to get your pets here to Mexico. There is really only one piece of paperwork you need to bring with you. The following are the details that need to be on it to successfully bring your pet into Mexico: 

Health Certificate issued by a Medical Veterinarian on their letterhead with the following 5 items on it:

1. “Name and address of importer and exporter”- This would be the pet owner unless he is traveling with someone else. The export address would be where he is coming from and the import address is where he is going to in Mexico.

2. **Rabies vaccination date of application and expiration date - Pets under 3 months of age are exempt from this so don’t worry if you have a new puppy,you won’t have to vaccinate him sooner than recommended. (the rabies vaccine will have to be current)

3. The certificate needs to state that your pet was found clinically healthy

4. If your pet does NOT come from the USA/Canada,then it needs to show that the pet has had internal and external parasite treatment within the last 6 months.  If you are coming from the USA/Canada,this is NOT necessary.

5. Name,signature and professional license number of the Veterinarian that issued the health certificate

In the past,they have required the certificate to be dated no later than 10 days before traveling,but currently the official rules do not specify.  But it wouldn’t be a bad idea to make sure it is near to your travel date so they know it is the current state of your pet’s health.

There are some restrictions that you should look into before traveling. Some airlines prefer to fly your pets in certain times of the year (the cooler seasons) to insure the safety of your pet. Also,depending on the breed you will need to investigate with each individual airline. Some have breed limitations – such dog know as short nose dogs ie: pugs and bulldogs etc. may not be allowed on all airlines.

I wish you all good luck in bringing your loved ones to this beautiful area. I can guarantee you will have the happiest Caribbean dog. 

Let us know....will you be bringing  your pet with you next time?

**Here is the official link to the English version of the current rules for bringing in pets. Check here for the most up-to-date requirements.