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A Journey Into Paradise

Adventurer Abraham Levy to Row from Spain to Mexico

31 October, 2013

This October Spanish adventurer Abraham Levy will row alone in a high-tech boat from the coast of Spain all the way across the Atlantic Ocean to Mexico in a journey that he expects will take up to six months to complete. It will begin at Puerto de Palos,Spain on Oct. 12,2013 and will end in early 2014 in Cancun,Mexico.

“I want to do what the great explorers did and set out from the Old World,” Levy told Fox News. “More people have been in outer space than have crossed the ocean under their own steam.”

Levy went on to draw parallels between his upcoming expedition and that of Christopher Columbus in the late 1400s,although he acknowledges the major difference is that he will not be “sailing into the unknown.” Previously,Levy gained fame when he kayaked more than 6,800 miles along the coast of Spain in 2008 and he has also paddled his kayak down both the Gulf and Pacific coastlines of Mexico.

The carbon fiber boat he will use to cross the Atlantic this October resembles a “lengthened egg shape,” weighs about 400 pounds and is five feet wide by 24 feet long. A cabin is also on board,and the oars are 10 feet in length. In addition,the trip will not leave any refuse behind,since all of the waste will be collected and recycled along the way.

“The trip should take about four months,but I’m going prepared to spend six months at sea,” Levy stated.

Levy will consume a diet composed of the same type of dehydrated food supplies that are regularly used by mountain climbers,astronauts and other adventurers,which he will hydrate using purified sea water and heat with products that warm the food without using fire. He will also bring along a fishing pole to enjoy fresh fish when possible and has let it be known that he is not afraid to consume it raw.

Levy chose October to launch because hurricane season has ended and the sea will likely be calmer and allow him to enjoy a boost from the trade winds that have carried vessels from Europe to the Canary Islands for centuries. In addition,he will be in contact with a land-based team of doctors,meteorologists and physical trainers who will help him make decisions while crossing.