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A Journey Into Paradise

Wondrous Wildlife Adventures Await You in Riviera Maya Real Estate

23 September, 2013

In addition to the countless opportunities available here in Riviera Maya Real Estate a  big draw for many visiting or moving to this beautiful tropical paradise is the diverse and unique indigenous wildlife of the Caribbean Sea.

Two of Mexico’s top 4 natural wonders inhabit this area and are popular with both locals and tourists alike ever anxious to experience harmonious interaction with them.

Swimming with Whale Sharks in Tulum

Not only is Tulum Real Estate one of the hottest markets in the world boasting the most beautiful beaches on the planet,and host to the only Mayan Ruins on the Caribbean coastline,,it is also a seasonal destination  to one of nature’s migrating marine wonders. 

Every year like clockwork between June and August just off the coast of Tulum appears the wondrous gentle giants we call Whale Sharks. Actually,they’re not sharks at all; they are the world’s largest fish weighing in average 15 tons and stretching up to 60 feet in length. 

These docile creatures of the Caribbean are a very popular draw for tourists who want to experience swimming with these amazing huge fish.

Richard Branson,founder and of Virgin Airlines,who was in Tulum last season on business even took time off his busy schedule to swim with some new friends.

Many IPM clients who are buying Riviera Maya Real Estate book their trips during Whale Shark season; coincidentally this time of year is also the markets slow season and the time of year for the smart shopper to pick up a great bargain on their real estate purchase.

Whale Shark adventure tours in Tulum are popular whisking hundreds of eager tourists daily offshore by boat to where the Whale Sharks congregate. Then it’s into the 80 degree waters of the Caribbean Sea with your snorkel gear accompanied by qualified expert naturalists for a true spiritual experience that you will never forget.

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Swimming with Sea Turtles in Akumal

Every year come May through September something amazing happens on the beaches of Riviera Maya Real Estate. Two endangered species of sea turtles (green turtles and loggerheads) make their way to the shores after a long hard life at sea to lay their eggs in the white powdery sands of the Caribbean coastline. It is quite a remarkable spectacle and a process taking up to several labour intensive hours of digging then laying up to 110 eggs.

I have had the pleasure to personally experience releasing turtle hatchlings into the ocean in both Puerto Vallarta Real Estate and in Puerto Aventuras Real Estate;  both experiences were remarkable and memorable.

Swimming and snorkeling with these gentle prehistoric amphibians is quite an experience in itself which I have done several times. Swimming with the turtles is also a very popular tourist activity with several eco-adventure tours catering to do just that.

Just north of Tulum lies a small seaside community called Akumal which translated from Mayan literally means “place of the turtles”. 

Akumal is also home  to the largest sea turtle population in  the Riviera Maya due to its gentle currents and large sea grass fields being the main staple of their diet.

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