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A Journey Into Paradise

Huffington Post: Mexico is Much “More Than Borders”

22 September, 2013

So much has been written over the last few years about what is happening along the United States-Mexico border,that it can be tough to see the bigger picture,which of course includes some of the world’s most fabulous beaches and vacation destinations,as well as the nation’s impressive and growing economic status,which is quickly emerging as a major player on the world stage.

“The biggest surprise from my recent visit to Mexico was how wide the gap is between how most Americans perceive our neighbor to the south and the reality of what it is today,” writes Mark R. Kennedy,Professor of political management and director of the Graduate School of Political Management at George Washington University. “The view of Mexico from the United States seems to either fixate on the struggles we have along the border or the attractiveness of their seemingly endless number of magnificent beaches. The truth is that in between lies a country of 116 million enterprising people on the move.”

Throughout his recent trip to view various areas of Mexico real estate,Dr. Kennedy noted a variety of interesting realities about what’s really happening down south of the U.S. border. First,he noticed the distinct maturation of Mexico’s political system,which has existed as a strong democracy for quite some time. This includes the observation that successive presidents – regardless of their political affiliation – are building upon one another’s legacy to create a strong economy and bright future for all of Mexico.

In addition,when it comes to economics,Mexico is about as solid as it gets among today’s emerging markets – hey even compared to many of the world’s long-established markets!

“Mexican politics has largely been driven by efforts to free the economy from the inefficiencies caused by state control or private monopolies,” writes Kennedy. “The success Mexico has achieved has attracted reverse migration from the United States.”

In addition,Mexico’s young,adaptable and highly industrious workforce is now more educated than ever and appears prepared to take on all competitors – including China’s massive manufacturing resources. In addition,Mexico’s workforce is skilled at designing,manufacturing,building and transporting a variety of technologically advanced items into the global supply chain,and is reportedly the third largest manufacturer of computers and the fourth largest vehicle exporter in the world.