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A Journey Into Paradise

News for Riviera Maya Real Estate: Crossfit Catching On in the Rivera Maya

13 August, 2013

Crossfit is an exercise regime that employs gymnastics,olympic-style lifts,and anaerobic training in order to build one’s overall fitness.  Workouts are randomized in order to “keep the body guessing,” and can take less than five minutes or over an hour to complete,depending on what is called for.  Whereas many gym enthusiasts like to compare how much they can lift,“crossfitters” as they are called,are more apt to compare how fast they can complete a certain workout circuit.  

Many of these circuits even have their own names.  A perfect example: in high school,my buddies always wanted to talk about how much weight they could bench press.  Well,in Crossfit the equivalent of one’s maximum bench press is the amount of time that it takes to complete “Fran,” a workout consisting of three rounds for time of pull-ups and squat presses with ninety-five pounds; first round: 21 repetitions,second: 15,third: 9.  Google “Fran Workout” sometime: it can be done fast.  Across the world,Crossfit gyms (aka “boxes”) have popped up.  They even have an annual international competition with individual and team events.

Why did I begin doing Crossfit?  I have been working out since I was thirteen years old.  Now twenty-six,I can recall the vast majority of my workout programs calling for single-joint exercises (like bicep curls or leg extensions),and at least an hour in the gym every day.  To put it simply: I got bored.  Plus,now with a one-year old son and work,I simply do not have the time needed to benefit from those types of workouts.  

About a year and a half ago,I started scouring the internet for something new,and finally came across www.crossfit.com.  Already being in good physical condition,and familiar with the proper technique of the lifts that are called for (very important if you do not want to injure yourself),I gave it a try.  Let me tell you: it is amazing what your body is capable of in such a short amount of time if you push yourself.  It is actually funny to be in and out of the gym in sometimes less than half the time as others,knowing that you got the better workout.  I fell in love with Crossfit and the rest is history.

While I have always done Crossfit by myself,the past year has led to several Crossfit “boxes” popping up throughout Riviera Maya real estate,and other gyms have begun advertising classes as well.  Even in the exclusive Puerto Aventuras community,a group of folks hold classes three times a week.  A class setting is ideal for those who are new to Crossfit and need to learn and perfect lifting techniques,as well as those who enjoy the camaraderie of pushing one another to improve their fitness together.  The best part is that anyone can do Crossfit.  With the proper equipment,every workout can be scaled to one’s own ability and condition.  The idea is to make progress every day.  And what better place to show off one’s progress than on the spectacular white-sanded beaches of the Riviera Maya?