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A Journey Into Paradise

"Winter" Greetings from Riviera Maya Real Estate

30 July, 2013

With temperatures plummeting down into the
fifties (that's about thirteen degrees for you non-Americans) during the
evenings,this week is the Riviera Maya's first taste of winter.  Being from Atlanta,I do not claim to be an
expert on harsh winter weather conditions. 
We get the occasional ice storm. 
However,having lived here in Puerto Aventuras for over two years now,I
can tell you that waking up in the morning to the “cold” right now is quite a
change from the norm.  In fact,I find it
quite refreshing.  I enjoy needing a blanket
to keep warm at night,even sporting jeans and a light jacket during the
day.  This weather puts me in the mood
for football,even if it is already over halfway through the season.  The one drawback I have found is that the
beautiful Caribbean Sea that I have the priviledge of living just steps away
from is a little chilly for my taste. 
Call me a big baby if you like,it's cold. 

Luckily for all of the businesses in the area,the
rest of the touring population could not disagree with me more.  While the local Mexican population and I are
bundled up,the high season is upon us. 
People looking to escape from the real winters where they live are
arriving to Riviera
Maya real estate
in droves.  As
Buyers' Agents,we here at Investment Properties Mexico look forward to helping
find you a great deal on a property that not only fits your budget,but also
suits your motives,whether it be a lifestyle change or just an appreciating
rental property.  We are the experts in
income producing and investment properties. 
This cool,controversial weather may only last for a couple of weeks,
but our stellar services can be found all year-round.