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A Journey Into Paradise

Thinking about retirement?

30 July, 2013

Thinking about retirement? Planning ahead? Or if you ready to get out of Dodge now and spend the rest of your best years basking in the sun,soaking up diverse cultures,eating amazing food,and just relaxing from paying your dues for the last 40 years than you need to set sights on Mexico. There are more people now from all across the globe looking to Mexico real estate to retire and for good reasons … 

With the most beautiful beaches in the world at your finger tips,warm climate year round,and 80 degree water throughout the year Mexico seems to be a no brainer but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Most of us when thinking of retiring the first thing that comes to mind is budgeting,and making the most out of the money they have saved up until this point and making it last as long as possible with the best quality of life. Especially with the dire economic times,many of us don’t have the resources or capital they thought they would have for retirement. Mexico has become well know as the perfect place to retiree for many reasons but the number one attraction is its low cost of living with all of the luxuries of home. Hence why Mexico caters to the largest number of expats spanning from Canada and the US. This seems to be the trend due to the proximity to their friends and family back home. Travel time does not exceed five hours from the US and parts of Canada. With the average cost of living being 30% less than the US you can really make the most of your money. One great example of this is when looking at your property taxes. Here in Mexico you pay 1/10th of 1% annually for your property taxes now compare that to what you are paying back home! 

The second concern that our fellow retirees think about is health care.  Many people don’t know but Mexico is home to some of the best hospitals and medical care in the world with just a fraction of the cost back home. You throw this in the mix with virtually no waiting period for surgery’s (which hits home with our Canadian clients) and top notch medical facilities you have nothing to worry about. Studies show that Mexico’s National Health Care Plan can be as low as $330 per year and private health care will run you as low as $500 annually! 

So now is the time! With over 7,000 people turning over the age of 65 daily you will have plenty of friends that are looking to spend the rest of their days in paradise! Take that exotic beach screen saver off your computer and make it a reality and come join the family down here!