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A Journey Into Paradise

The Newest Additions to the Puerto Aventuras Family

30 July, 2013

recently,myself and others in the gated Puerto Aventuras community had the
unique privilege of witnessing the birth of baby dolphins.  This year,three new additions were
made to the approximately 30 dolphins that already reside in Dolphin Discovery,
located inside of the Puerto Aventuras Marina.

In anticipation of the new
arrivals,locals and tourists alike literally camped out for hours on end,not
wanting to miss this once-in-a-lifetime event.  According to the local trainers,the poor expectant mothers
can be in labor for up to three days. 
By the time I met my wife and son,who had spent all-day watching the
second expectant mother,a crowd of nearly one hundred people had
gathered.  Together,we watched as
the tail came out first.  Just
minutes later,with one great push,out came the rest of the baby dolphin to a
huge applause from the audience. 
The little guy must have ready to come out,because right away,he was
swimming next to his mother,coming up to breathe in a normal rhythmic fashion.  I looked down at my three-month old
son,then up to my wife and asked her,"Could you imagine if that was our
son?  It would be like you were in
labor for days,then he the came out of womb and immediately started running
around the delivery room."

For now,it appears as if
all three dolphins that were born are healthy.  Trainers will monitor their breathing cycles around the
clock for approximately three months before they can be sure that there are not
any complications.  Looking back on
this incredible experience,how many people on Earth get the chance to see a
dolphin give birth?  Even better,
how many people live under one hundred steps from where it takes place?  Ask around,I'll bet not many.  I feel pretty blessed to be able to
call Puerto
Aventuras real estate
my home,and consider all of its mammalian
residents a part of my family.