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A Journey Into Paradise

News for Puerto Aventuras Real Estate: Puerto Aventuras Dining on a Budget

30 July, 2013

When my wife and I first moved to the Riviera Maya in 2009, we both taught at the international school in Puerto Aventuras. Even though our combined income was not a whole lot on teachers’ salaries, we still desired to indulge in the delicious international cuisine that exists in the community.  Surprisingly, so long as we did not order the Surf and Turf every night, eating out more often than not became very doable. Hence, in nearly three years we have discovered what we believe are the best food deals in Puerto Aventuras for two people, under 150 pesos.

(Note: Some dishes are big enough to split)

Joel’s Pub

  • Chicken, Beef, or Vegetarian Nachos (90 pesos)

  • Mixed Salad with Chicken (90 pesos)

Latitude 20

  • Whole Grilled Chicken with Vegetables and Tortillas

  • Fish Tacos (70 pesos-Since there are two tacos per order,and they are extra grande,I always ask for two extra tortillas,making four nice-sized tacos)


  • Fried Rice with Vegetables,Chicken,Beef,or Mixed with Shrimp

  • Teppanyaki

Paparrazi Pizza

  • Two for one Medium Pizzas (150 for two Pepperoni/Hawaiian,tip included)

  • Daily Special- Entre,salad,soup,and a drink (70 pesos)

  • Home-made Muffins (Breakfast- 9 pesos)

  • Torta/Croissant with Ham,Eggs,and Cheese (Breakfast-30 pesos)

Gringo’s Cantina

  • The Entire Breakfast Menu

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