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A Journey Into Paradise

Wonderful Weekend in the Sian Ka’an

02 July, 2013

Just recently,my wife and I had the wonderful privilege of celebrating our wedding anniversary over a weekend stay in Casa Redonda at CESIAK.  CESIAK (Centro Ecologico Sian Ka’an) is located just inside of the Sian Ka’an UNESCO World Heritage Site on the southern edge of Tulum,and includes an eco-resort,restaurant,and eco-tour agency that promotes awareness and the preservation of the area.  The fifteen acre property contains five hundred meters of beautiful beachfront and an equal amount of lagoon frontage to the west.

Recently purchased by a good friend of mine,he asked me,as an expert in the area,to visit and help him promote the property.  My wife and I were not disappointed.  The entire grounds are perfectly maintained.  The main building containing the restaurant and tour office is goes up three stories and from the top,one has a spectacular 360 degree view of both the Caribbean to the east,and freshwater lagoons to the west.  Along the path to Casa Redonda,we walked through some of the fifty large tent cabins that are rented out nightly.  They are on raised platforms so as not to disrupt the environment below,and have views out to the ocean and lagoon. 

Entering Casa Redonda,I do not believe I have ever felt so “on top” of the water here in the Riviera Maya.  Even seated in the living room,all one can see is Caribbean while looking out.  The house has two bedrooms,a full kitchen,and upstairs seating area that has a beautiful jungle view to the west.  No,there is not any air conditioning,nor is it needed.  My wife and I could not have been more comfortable with the windows open and the unfailing ocean breeze.  In front of the house,stairs lead down to your own beach chairs and palapa. 

Being the only restaurant in the Sian Ka’an,the evening brings everyone from the surrounding area,even folks from the Tulum Hotel Zone,together for dinner and drinks.  The ambiance,combined with the service and food were wonderful.  Despite being busy,the staff was always willing to stop and answer any questions we had.  In fact,we learned that may of the folks working there have been for several years,and couldn’t imagine any better job.  Overall: a night to remember.

We got some good insight about some of the changes and improvements that Cesiak is planning for the near future.  Now that turtle hatching season is upon us,they are offering nightly boat trips out to watch and identify the different species.  Some of the tent cabins are being upgraded with more luxurious features.  Also,they are looking to utilize the lagoon frontage with water activities and add more low-density platforms for tents.

CESIAK is an amazing place to escape it all.  While only a short drive from Tulum,Latin America’s fastest growing city,the serenity of the Sian Ka’an takes over and forces you to relax in the midst of nature.  My wife and I could not have asked for a better experience,and would recommend all of the accommodations and amenities of the hotel to those vacationers looking for adventure,and a change from the big all-inclusive hotel that line the coast of Cancun and the Riviera Maya.