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A Journey Into Paradise

Local Mexican Artists

13 June, 2013

Once you have your dream Mexican real estate why not look for some equally
desirable Mexican art to brighten up the interior?

Here we profile 2 of
the best artists in the Riviera Maya: Mario Mizrahi and Galo


Artist Galo Ramirez lives on Cozumel Island in Mexico.

He was born in 1959 in Mexico City. His mother had an artistic streak in
her and encouraged his love of arts from the moment he was born.

1992,Galo moved to Cozumel from the heart of the mainland. He has held many
exhibitions on the island and elsewhere in Mexico.

His style is varied
and flexible. He works in many different mediums. He presently favors acrylics,
charcoals,oils and murals.

Telephone: 011 52 1 987 103

Email: galo [at] galoartstudio.com

Website: www.galoartstudio.com

Mario Mizrahi

Artist Mario Mizrahi spent
most of his life in Quintana Roo,before studying and practicing his art for 10
years in Oaxaca - Mexico's most famous cultural center.

Mario has
exhibited his works in Oaxaca and the Riviera Maya in Mexico,as well as Madrid
and Valencia in Spain. Now he has returned to Quintana Roo with new techniques,
styles,ideas and visions.

Telephone: 011 52 987 872 4853

mario [at] mariomizrahi.com

Website: www.mariomizrahi.com