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A Journey Into Paradise

Guide To Riviera Maya Golf Real Estate

13 June, 2013

The unpredictable and shaky economy has made more and more people cut back on many luxuries. Not luxuries in the sense of expensive items,but unnecessary expenditures that might not put food on the table or help pay the bills. Yoga however,has broken that trend and has soared in this down economy. Gina Norman,Kaia Yoga co-owner in Connecticut,jokingly wrote that " in these economic times people either go to yoga studios or bars." As someone who calls the Riviera Maya home,I can attest that yoga is and has become the drug of choice in this down economy. 

There are dozens of yoga studios throughout the Riviera Maya,especially along the beautiful beaches in Tulum Mexico which is quickly becoming the epicenter of yoga practice in these part of the hemisphere. People from all over the world come here to decompress,relax,and practice the numerous types of yoga being offered. Keep in mind that these studios in Tulum are in open air studios surrounded by palm trees and facing the crystal clear Caribbean.

More and more yoga studios are opening up in the Riviera Maya which means more people continue to come from around the world to relax and enjoy life. This is just another benefit to visiting,living,or investing in this area of Mexico. You will be surrounded by less stressed,happier and healthier people,which to many of us expats that live here full time…….is priceless. 

In addition,practicing yoga does not mean choosing it over the "bars" either. The Riviera Maya grows fresh,organic fruit year around,so you can fill up at the "juice" bar after a invigorating class of yoga.