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A Journey Into Paradise

Sophisticated Travelers Enjoy Cancun ‘End of the World’ Celebrations

15 May, 2013

Ok,by now most of us realize that the world is not really supposed to end in 2012,but according to a recent Fox News article,that isn’t stopping travelers from making the most out of Cancun,Mexico’s,luxurious doomsday offerings.

As the article points out,“If the world was going to end,you’d want to spend the last days in style,right?”

From eating like the end of the world is imminent,to partying like there’s no tomorrow,Cancun truly has something for everyone who is looking for a little escapism. Although Cancun real estate has been a tourist hotspot for decades,this year travelers are coming in search of more than just the usual great times coupled with some serious fun in the sun. According to the MesoAmerican calendar,December 21st is the day the Mayans marked as the end of a 5,125-year cycle that is based on astrological calculations. 

Many scholars have described this time as a period of renewal,according to Mayan mythology,but some doomsday theorists have predicted that the Earth will come to an end on that date later this year. Regardless of what happens,Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula is prepared to host visitors from around the world in grand style,with areas like Cancun and the surrounding Riviera Maya projected to experience record tourism numbers throughout the year. 

“As we close the traditional Mayan calendar and welcome a new era,Cancun is embracing a ‘new beginning,’ which invites locals and guests to think different and behave different by exploring the evolution of humanity and redefining our experience in the land of the Mayans,” Erika Mitzunaga of the Cancun Convention and Visitors Bureau told Fox News. “Just as Times Square in New York City is the most exciting place to ring in a new year,Cancun is the only place you’ll want to celebrate the beginning of a new era.”