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A Journey Into Paradise

Hundreds Compete in 2nd International Fishing Tournament

14 May, 2013

Hundreds of boating enthusiasts headed to Cancun this April,each hoping to take home the grand prize in the Second International Fishing Tournament,which was held April 26 through 28 on Tortugas Beach in the city’s world famous Hotel Zone.

Only in its second year,the number of participants in the tournament has already doubled,thanks in large part to efforts by the Cancun Hotel Association,the Cancun Marine Association and the Cancun Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB). These organizations are working to promote sport fishing in Cancun real estate to international boating enthusiasts and hope to create a longstanding tradition in the region.

“Cancun is one of the best sport fishing hotspots in the world,” writes the Cancun CVB in a press release.

More than 300 competitors and 100 boats were in attendance this year,taking to the crystal clear waters of the Mexican Caribbean to compete for close to $50,000 in prizes. Top catches in the region from February to April include barracuda,blue marlin,grouper,kingfish and sharks. Then,from April through August mahi-mahi,sailfish and tuna are in abundance,while September through February brings barracuda,mackerel and snapper into the mix.

While in town for the tournament,some visitors also took special excursions out into the water to view the sailfish that flock here each year and feed on the schools of tuna that are passing through the area. Special snorkeling tours are also quite popular,as they give visitors the opportunity to get an even closer look at the fast and graceful sailfish. 

The main purpose of the tournament is to begin a new tradition in Cancun and encourage sport fishing in the region,but it is also providing a nice economic boost for the area.

“We will have a considerable tourist flow; we are encouraging tourists to participate and benefit from this sport,” stated Caribbean Carnival’s President Francisco Fernandez at a press conference on Tortugas Beach. 

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