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A Journey Into Paradise

Boomer and Senior Travel TV Features Investment Properties Mexico

18 April, 2013

In a recent episode of Boomer and Senior Travel TV,hosts Debbie and Gaylan travel to Playa del Carmen and Puerto Aventuras,spending Holy Week of 2013 in Mexico’s fabulous Riviera Maya. In this episode,they explore one of Playa’s main attractions – Fifth Avenue Norte – which Debbie describes as “a beautiful part of the city,” and of course,they also hit the beach.

While in Playa,the two also take time to dine at a popular 100% Natural Restaurant on Fifth Avenue Norte,where they enjoy a super sized pitcher of healthy green juice made from cucumber,spearmint and lime that is “absolutely delicious,” and share a plate of fajitas.

“It is a fabulous place to have lunch in the middle of the coconut trees with a waterfall in the background,” Debbie states emphatically. “Great service,good food – what more can you ask?”

This light lunch was followed by a trip to the nearby “Fish Spa,” where both Debbie and Gaylan experience this unusual yet decadent treat. Having previously attended a fish spa in Spain,Debbie was very excited to indulge once again,but only after ensuring the spa was properly maintained. Incredibly,these one of a kind foot spas are popular in many areas of the world and involve the use of live fish to remove dead skin from a person’s bare feet. Think of it as a sort of “super-natural” pedicure,which Debbie says does not hurt,but definitely “tingles wherever they have been nibbling.”

Later,the pair drive to Puerto Aventuras,which lies about 12 miles south of Playa along the Mexican Caribbean. Here,Mike Martin of Investment Properties Mexico meets with Debbie and Gaylan to help them find their own ideal piece of Puerto Aventuras real estate.

“Mike tried really hard to find us something that we would just love,” shared Debbie. “We really enjoyed working with him [and] he had some really nice bargains as far as real estate for that area.”

The pretty little community of Puerto Aventuras is marked by a variety of beautiful waterways,so many of the houses and condos are either built on golf courses,on the marina,or on the waterways. During their visit,Debbie and Gaylan explored the town,noting the many restaurants that are located here around the waterways and the marina.

The dolphin,seal and manatee experiences that are regularly held in the waters of downtown Puerto Aventuras also drew their attention when Mike took Debbie and Gaylan to a restaurant called Mango’s in the heart of town. The restaurant overlooks a group of people swimming with dolphins in the water nearby,and she enthusiastically describes the entire experience as “marvelous” thanks to the mix of entertainment and great food.

Debbie says they are looking for a beachfront property they will be able to enjoy for several months out of the year. She is determined to find a two story that walks right out onto the water and that is within their price point.

“Mike is an awesome guy – if you’re in that area and you want a really great real estate agent to help you find something in your price range,what you want,with the financing that you want – talk with him,” urges Debbie as the program comes to a close. “You can find Mike online  at InvestmentPropertiesMexico.com”