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A Journey Into Paradise

Travel Weekly: Visitors & Conservation Efforts Can Coexist in Cozumel

25 March, 2013

The island of Cozumel is one of Mexico’s top tourist destinations,attracting more than 240,000 overnight visitors and 3 million cruise ship passengers from around the world each year,according to Travel Weekly. In fact,this Easter on Good Friday alone the island is expecting at least seven cruise ships with a total of 22,000 passengers in port. Today,Cozumel real estate is also making an effort to protect its many cultural and natural resources,while also catering to every need of travelers.

"Cozumel wants to be one of the world’s leading sustainable destinations and has charted out an action plan focused on conservation and protection of resources,” writes Travel Weekly. “The challenge is to balance visitor growth while protecting its natural resources and cultural heritage at the same time.”

Traditionally a popular destination all year round,hotel occupancy in Cozumel continues to be strong and in 2013 there is definitely a new energy in the air,thanks to increased investment by local tourism businesses that are committed to providing a sustainable,family-friendly vacation environment and work closely with the island’s government in order to do so.

Cozumel’s newest environmental plan is the result of input from the local government,the private sector and a variety of different tourism representatives who have worked together over the last ten months to develop a strategy that will address the island’s most important issues. The plan is long-term and will be carried out in stages over the next 20-plus years,according to Federico Ruiz,who is Cozumel’s deputy technical secretary for sustainable development.

“Initiatives include the development of a guide to highlight the island’s natural,historical and cultural assets,establishing a water conservation and reuse program and implementing standards of quality for all in the tourism sector,” writes Travel Weekly. “A recent progress report noted that Cozumel ranked high in several areas,including safety and security of visitors and heritage preservation.”