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A Journey Into Paradise

The Mysterious Crystal Skulls of Mexico’s Riviera Maya Real Estate

05 February, 2013

In a real life story that reads much like a certain Indiana Jones movie,or like the popular 2008 flick titled “Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls,” Mexico’s Riviera Maya on the Yucatan Peninsula is home to its very own mystery. Archaeologists have actually found crystal skulls among the ancient ruins while exploring various dig sites throughout Mexico in the past,but a new skull was recently discovered in the ancient ruins of Riviera Maya real estate

To begin developing an understanding of this strange and fascinating phenomenon,the famous Mitchell-Hedges Skull is a great place to start. Very similar in form to an actual human skull,it has been impossible for modern day scientists,sculptors and engineers to understand how the Mitchell-Hedges Skull was created. In addition,the skull’s creator must have used no metal tools,since there are no scratches on the crystal,even under microscopic analysis! Most metals would not have done the job anyway,since the crystal that was used to fashion the skull has a “Mohs Scale” hardness of 7 and a specific gravity of 2.65.

Also of note,the eye sockets of the Mitchell-Hedges Skull act as miniature concave lenses that transfer light from a source below into the upper cranium,while the bone arches extending along the sides and front of the cranium (known as the zygomatic arches) are accurately shaped and serve as avenues for light to travel,channeling more light from the base of the skull into the eye sockets. The skull’s interior is also special,serving as a ribbon prism that is full of tiny light tunnels,which magnify and brighten objects that are held beneath the skull.

Many observers have also witnessed that the Mitchell-Hedges Skull will seem to change color from time to time,alternating from totally clear,to cloudy white. And a dark spot has been found to appear until the entire skull is blackened,before receding until it becomes completely clear once more. 

Other ancient carved skulls found in Mexico include the Mayan Crystal Skull and the Amethyst Skull,which were both discovered in the early 1900s and brought to the U.S. by a Mayan priest. The Amethyst Skull is made from purple quartz and the Mayan Crystal Skull is perfectly clear,but otherwise they are very similar in design. Like the Mitchell-Hedges Skull,they are somehow crafted by cutting against the axis of the crystal.

So,where did the ancient crystal skulls come from? Who created them and why? There are countless theories but no real answers to this question. Obviously,it would seem logical to believe they were created by ancient native artisans,but the technical skill required makes even scientists wonder if there is more to the story. Other hypotheses include the idea that they were passed down from beings of a higher intelligence,such as extraterrestrials,artists from Atlantis or from Lemuria. Regardless,Mexico’s crystal skulls are definitely one of the many mysteries that can be found in the Riviera Maya region,just waiting to be discovered again and again by curious travelers seeking a bit of adventure.