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A Journey Into Paradise

Traditional Brew Pub Opens in Puerto Vallarta Real Estate

02 January, 2013

The Los Muertos traditional craft brewery and pub opened in Puerto Vallarta recently and is quickly becoming a popular destination for locals and visitors alike who are looking for a unique twist on the brew pub concept. The cantina and restaurant have also enjoyed excellent ratings among travelers speaking out on TripAdvisor,since it opened in mid-2012.

“Over our recent trip to Puerto Vallarta we ate at Los Muertos Brewing Company four times,” writes a reviewer on TripAdvisor. “The pizza is excellent and I can’t wait to return!”

Owners and expats Stephanie Wright Watts and brewmaster Conner Watts decided to open Los Muertos on a key piece of Puerto Vallarta real estate,undertaking an enormous restoration project of the Los Muertos building,which is located right in the heart of the city’s “Romantic Zone.” Today,the craft brewery,bar and restaurant all boast a modern,upscale take on the look of Mexico’s traditional cantinas. 

Los Muertos offers a wide range of beers,including hoppy IPAs,malty ambers,stouts,and even fruit-infused ale for visitors who don’t particularly care for the taste of beer. The bar provides a full view of the on-site brew house,which serves up the establishment’s fresh,hand crafted ales. 

The restaurant serves the standard pub fare,but also specializes in New York-style pizza,serving up perfectly foldable,crispy pies that are available by the slice,or can be made to order. Lighter fare includes a turkey burger,the candied-nuts and Parmesan cheese topped La Dulce fruit salad and the Gringa Loca,a salad with goat cheese and drunken onions. For dessert,the restaurant’s Facebook page recently spoke of “playing with” mousse,lava cake,a fruit tart and crème brûlée

The opening and renovation of the Los Muertos Brewing Company building is but another nod to the progress and energy of Puerto Vallarta’s Los Muertos Beach and Romantic Zone areas. With new,wider sidewalks and breathtaking views of the bay,the Malecon and nearby Romantic Zone boast a people friendly atmosphere with busy sidewalk cafes,bistro type dining and the best of outdoor living.