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A Journey Into Paradise

Riviera Maya Real Estate Named ‘Cultural Mecca’ by Philadelphia Sun

02 January, 2013

The Philadelphia Sun has named the portion of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula known as the Riviera Maya a “Cultural Mecca,” in a recent article published online. Comprised of three states: Yucatan,Campeche and Quintana Roo,Riviera Maya real estate is bordered by the Gulf of Mexico in the west and by the Caribbean Sea in the east.

“The area is consistently ranked as one of the top destinations for travelers worldwide and much of that designation can be attributed to the beauty,diversity and ease of travel that are hallmarks of the Riviera Maya in the state of Quintana Roo,” writes the Philadelphia Sun. “The real glory lies in the archaeological sites,festivals,villages,biodiversity,outdoor adventures,accommodations,cuisine and cultures of the region that begins a few miles south of [Cancun].”

The state of Quintana Roo was created in 1974 and is home to the Mayan archaeological zone,which contains stunning remains of some of the hemisphere’s earliest settlements. In addition,the recent ending of the Mayan Long Count’s 13th baktun on Dec. 21,which is a 144,000-day period that is part of the Great Cycle,has helped to attract even more global interest to this important historical region.

Although doomsday theorists were quick to apply apocalyptic views to the calendar’s end,scientists and archaeologists have always maintained that nowhere did the Mayans appear to predict the world’s end. Regardless,tourism throughout the region has enjoyed a considerable spike thanks to the Mayan prophecies; a trend that is unlikely to slow any time soon.

The Riviera Maya region is also home to Xcaret,an eco-archaeological theme park that encompasses 200 acres of land,including underground rivers,a marine turtle area,a coral reef aquarium and a variety of cultural exhibitions. Visitors can also visit nearby Mayan archaeological sites and a reconstructed Mexican village. In addition,Xcaret is home to countless regularly scheduled programs,events and shows that are designed to create awareness and foster a sense of social responsibility toward the region’s archaeological and natural treasures.