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A Journey Into Paradise

End Of Mayan Calendar Draws International Attention to Tulum Real Estate

20 December, 2012

Major news organizations from The Washington Post and NPR,to National Geographic,ABC and NBC are covering the coming end of the Mayan calendar Dec. 21,which has been hailed as both doomsday and the dawning of a new age of positivity,depending on who you ask. 

ABC News reported earlier this week that New Agers are rapidly filling the Riviera Maya and Tulum in preparation for Dec. 21 and winter solstice celebrations. International visitors from “Australia to Argentina” are gathering nightly to celebrate near the stunning Mayan ruins overlooking the beach near Tulum real estate

“The Riviera Maya region is one of the top spots to party in the days leading up to Dec. 21 this year,including Playa del Carmen,” writes ABC. “Most hotels were booked months in advance in the bustling city between Cancun and Tulum.”

The Washington Post reported that the Yucatan region’s Mayan Culture Festival has widely publicized its stance that the Maya have not predicted the end of the world,citing the fact that archaeologists have discovered ancient glyphs that reference dates way into the future.

No matter what its true significance to the Maya,there is no doubt that the once-in-a-5,125-year event has captured the rapt attention of the world,as social media sites light up with banter about the “doomsday” and “spiritual awakening” arguments,along with countless others. 

As for the ancient Maya,NPR took the time to find out what their stance seems to be when asked about the attention swirling around Dec. 21. According to archaeologist David Greene,who helped translate the ancient Mayan hieroglyphs in 1996 that set of the flurry of interest surrounding this date,“The Maya never,ever,said anything about the world ending at any time – much less this year.”

National Geographic also went straight to the source,asking how today’s Maya intend to spend the day. 

“As it turns out,the Maya of today are making no gloomy preparations,” writes Nat Geo. “This is a celebration of great hope,welcoming a festival for a bright and beautiful tomorrow,the passing of one era and the grand entrance of the next.”