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A Journey Into Paradise

Riviera Maya Real Estate Gears Up for Dec. 21 Maya Calendar Celebrations

18 December, 2012

Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula,which is home to popular vacation destinations such as Cancun,Cozumel,Playa del Carmen and Tulum – to name only a few – has been the focus of much attention over the last couple of years,due to the coming end of an age as it appears on an ancient Mayan calendar,which restarts a cycle of more than 5,125 years Dec. 21. 

ABC News reported this week that Mexico’s Mayas are facing the landmark date with “Ancestral Calm,” while Reuters reported that,“Thousands of New Age mystics,spiritual adventurers and canny businessmen are converging on ancient ruins in southern Mexico to find out what will happen.” 

Although the coming calendar shift has been interpreted in a variety of ways,including doomsday scenarios,ABC News reports that archaeologists agree there is no evidence that the Maya ever made any prophecy regarding the end of the world,and the calendar was used mainly by priests and astronomers,not by average Mayan citizens.

Travel Age West also reported on the increasing popularity of the Riviera Maya surrounding the “2012 Phenomenon” as it has come to be known among much of the world,thanks in part to Hollywood movies,computer games and the Internet. According to the publication’s website,sound and light shows will be held at the new Mayan World Museum in Merida,and the INAH National Anthropology Institute will plan visits to more than 20 archaeological sites to learn about and promote the understanding of Mayan history. Academic speakers,writers and symposiums are also scheduled,along with film festivals,concerts,art exhibitions and other celebrations.

“I’m worried that there are going to be more people than (hotel) rooms,” Jose May of Merida’s tourism office told ABC. 

The Riviera Maya coastal resort of Xcaret has also scheduled a variety of parties,educational opportunities and promotions around Dec. 21,while Sandos Hotels and Resorts in Playa del Carmen near Tulum is promoting a “New Era” celebration,inviting guests to “celebrate a transition to the beginning of what we,and many Mayan leaders and scholars,hope will evolve into a new era of environmental sustainability and cultural consciousness,” according to the hotel’s website.

Whatever happens on Dec. 21,one thing is for sure: Riviera Maya real estate will continue to benefit from the added attention this event has brought well into the future,as more travelers become aware of all that this stunning region has to offer.