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A Journey Into Paradise

Enjoy the Holiday Season with Puerto Vallarta Real Estate

13 December, 2012

Mexico is alive with a wide variety of different holiday traditions in various parts of the country each December,but Puerto Vallarta turns the entire month of December into a whirlwind of family fun,fiestas and parades. All month long,visitors,locals and expats will find plenty of holiday activities to enjoy.

The proverbial “12 Days of Christmas,” are officially held between Dec. 1 and Dec. 12 each year in Puerto Vallarta real estate. Every evening people come out to enjoy a stroll along the city’s newly renovated Malecón,where a variety of different entertainers and street vendors can be found. Church bells from the Virgin of Guadalupe Cathedral ring morning and night,beckoning to visitors,who dress in white,singing,playing instruments and carrying candles as they make the pilgrimage to the church from nearby towns and villages.

Dec. 12 also marks Puerto Vallarta’s “Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe,” which celebrates the day that Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared on a nearby hill to a local villager. Parties and parades will be held all day,continuing late into the night. Street vendors will supply ample food and drink for the crowds,which congregate once again along the Malecón,while mariachi bands,fireworks and other entertainers provide a wide variety of different performances. 

Dec. 13 through Dec. 24 in Puerto Vallarta are known as “Las Posadas,” which commemorates the story of Joseph and Mary’s search for lodging in Bethlehem,as it happened according to the Biblical New Testament. This celebration includes candlelight processions that re-enact Joseph and Mary’s journey,with participants stopping at certain nativity scenes around town and symbolically getting turned away upon approaching doorsteps along the way.

Christmas Eve and Christmas day in Mexico are held on Dec. 24 and Dec. 25,respectively,just as they are in the U.S.,although locals tend to make a bigger deal out of Christmas Eve,when businesses are closed and the city turns inward to spend time among family and friends. 

Dec. 28 marks the “Day of the Innocents,” in Puerto Vallarta,which is a holiday similar to 'April Fools’ Day in the U.S.,with people pulling practical jokes on one another for fun. If you fall victim to a prank,don’t be surprised if you are dubbed an “Inocente Palomita,” which literally translates to mean,“innocent little dove.”

Finally,the New Year’s Eve celebrations on Dec. 31 in Puerto Vallarta tend to include a late dinner with friends and/or family. Then,anyone who wants to stay up late can go out and enjoy the town’s many nightclubs and local parties,or just participate in the street festival,which will continue late into the night. At midnight,everyone will embrace,set off firecrackers and other noisemakers,while shouting,“Feliz Año Nuevo!”