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A Journey Into Paradise

Papaya Playa Project in Tulum Real Estate

19 November, 2012

Tulum,Mexico is currently the scene of a hot new trend in travel. Berlin-based Design Hotels group has opened up Papaya Playa, which is a fancy campus of sorts that is home to 99 cabañas and other structures that previously belonged to other resorts that have since closed their doors for good.

Situated along a half mile of exquisite beachfront property in Tulum real estate, the development was the vision of the Design Hotels group founder Claus Sendlinger. After moving to Tulum with his family last year, he brought in the company’s talented creative team to help develop a truly unique destination that taps into the uber-chic worldwide trend of temporary hotels.

The goal was to make the structures comfortable,but to “keep the rawness,” according to a recent interview with Sendlinger by the New York Times.

To accomplish this, they left around half ofthe buildings with shared bathrooms, and included a number of jungle huts with communal bunk beds that can be reserved for a mere $25 per night. At the other end of the spectrum, there are 40 luxurious oceanfront cabanas that are complete with private decks and situated within close walking distance of the development’s spa and boutiques.

Also of note, Papaya Playa is home to 42º Raw, which is a restaurant conceptualized and managed by the same team responsible for bringing us Berlin’s popular Bar 25 and KaterHolzig. For entertainment, Sendlinger has lined up an impressive international network of artists and D.J.’s to perform in weekly shows and each month on the full moon.

The new development was made possible in part by the enormous real estate opportunities in Tulum at the present time, which are possible in part because of the effects of the worldwide economic downturn.

“Five years ago, such an arrangement wouldn’t have been possible,” said Sendlinger. “The financial crisis has created more opportunities in the hotel business for those who are good at moving into a temporary space and creating something. I see this happening more and more.”