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A Journey Into Paradise

Riviera Maya Real Estate Gets Boost From Mundo Maya Events

15 November, 2012

The San Francisco Chronicle recently reported on the huge boost Mexico’s Riviera Maya region has received from the coming end of the Mayan calendar,which will happen Dec. 21 of this year. To celebrate this monumental event,the Mexican government has created the Mundo Maya campaign,which has involved a variety of different celebrations throughout the year,found all over the region. 

As the date approaches,the festivities are becoming more charged and even more visitors are making their way to the Mexican Caribbean to enjoy everything that Riviera Maya real estate has to offer. The Chronicle reports that an estimated 500 Maya-themed events are scheduled to take place between now and Dec. 21,which can make it overwhelming for travelers planning a trip to decide what to attend.

Among the possibilities,two major museums dedicated to educating the public about the Maya opened in September of 2012,including the Gran Museo del Mundo Maya,or Great Museum of the Maya World,in Merida and the Palacio de la Civilizacion Maya,or Palace of Maya Civilization,which lies about eight miles south of the nearby Chichen Itza ruins.

In addition,the Mexican artist Xavier de Maria y Campos erected a modern Pyramid of Positive Thinking along the road near the city of Tulum,which is also home to ancient Mayan ruins,including the only pyramid in the region overlooking the sea. The modern pyramid is comprised of more than 700,000 dreams,wishes and positive thoughts placed in recycled bottles that will be layered with soil containing native plant seeds. By Dec. 21,the pyramid’s steel frame will be covered with green foliage and is designed to symbolically welcome in the new era. Visitors can submit their positive thoughts online and are welcome at the site between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. daily.

Finally,there are countless opportunities to explore the region’s ancient ruins and to meet today’s Maya,many of whom work in tourist areas along the Caribbean coast and sell traditional crafts in the smaller interior towns and villages. Whatever you decide,be sure to check out at least a few of the local specialties,such as chocolate and Mayan coffee,or plan a visit to a traditional sweat lodge experience at a local spa.