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A Journey Into Paradise

Cabo San Lucas Real Estate Hosts Bisbee’s Black and Blue Marlin Tournament

15 November, 2012

Cabo San Lucas once again hosted Bisbee’s Black and Blue Marlin Tournament this October 23 through 27. The tournament was started in 1981 by Bob Bisbee and since then the event has grown from six teams with $10,000 in prizes,to more than 150 teams with millions in prizes available for the taking. Each October,teams from around the world descend upon Cabo San Lucas real estate to compete for the big prize.

Leading up to the tournament,Bisbee’s also holds the smaller and more intimate Los Cabos Offshore Tournament,which is known as “Little Bisbee’s” and allows participants to enjoy a more laid-back,social experience leading up to the “Big Show,” as the Black and Blue Marlin Tournament has come to be known.

This year,competitor Dave Sanchez caught a 465-pound blue marlin last Thursday,Oct. 25 off the coast of Cabo. Although definitely a large fish,it was not particularly huge by the tournament’s standards,but it did turn out to be the only qualifying marlin that was weighed in at more than 300 pounds during the 32nd annual tournament. For Sanchez,this amounted to his team taking home a total of more than $2 million for the catch,which is the second largest for any team in Bisbee’s tournament history.

Prior to this competition,Sanchez says he had never caught anything bigger than a largemouth bass near his home in Kansas City,Missouri.

“I’m really starting to like this offshore fishing,” Sanchez told reporters at World Fishing Network. “We had a lot of fun,it was a great team effort and I’m just glad we ran across that fish. We found one,caught it and as luck would have it,that was all it took.”

Sanchez’s team,dubbed “Frantic Pace,” was registered across the board in all of the tournament’s cash prizes,which is what led to the large payout. Amazingly,the team came within a mere quarter inch of losing its catch when the snap swivel that connected the reel’s main line to the lure leader opened up while trying to secure the catch. 

More than 740 anglers aboard 106 boats were entered to compete in the 2012 event,which has the highest stakes of any sport-fishing tournament in the world. The potential millions of dollars in prize money attracted top anglers and crews from more than 12 countries to the Baja Peninsula this year.