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A Journey Into Paradise

The World’s Best Chefs Get a New Culinary Education in Mexico Real Estate

07 November, 2012

According to Fox News,everyone from world-class superstar chefs to serious foodies have been making the pilgrimage to Mexico lately in an effort to ‘learn what’s old.’ From the seemingly endless stalls of Mexico City’s open air public markets,to the ancient cooking traditions of the country’s many indigenous people,Mexico real estate has earned a new level of respect from the world’s culinary crowd. 

Top chefs from around the world are flocking to Mexico,attracted by the diversity of the country’s fresh,exotic ingredients. Fox News profiled Christopher Kostow,who owns the prestigious Restaurant at Meadowood,in Napa Valley,California,which has earned three Michelin stars. He was found in Mexico City’s Mercado San Juan,sampling fresh gray oysters harvested at the Baja Peninsula,the lychee-like rambutan that comes from southern Chiapas and bags of red flying ants from Oaxaca. 

“I don’t know if you come to Mexico to learn what’s new,but rather you come to Mexico to learn what’s old,” Kostow told Fox News. “There are flavors of great depth,and there are techniques that are pretty challenging.”

Over the past few years,Mexico has joined the ranks of long-time culinary havens such as Italy and France,emerging as the newest “it” destination for the world’s serious foodies.  The country’s diverse terrain,which boasts everything from deserts,to tropical coastlines,ancient forests and deep jungles,is home to a vast array of exotic fruits,vegetables and game that has provided the ingredients for indigenous dishes since pre-Hispanic times. 

As Fox points out,this environment is “the perfect model for the new global trend to cool ‘paleo,’ using basic ingredients such as fish,vegetables and roots,and to eat local.”

“A lot of people that I know are sort of turning their eyes to Mexico as a new place where a lot of innovation is going to happen,” shared Lars Williams,who is the research director at the prestigious Nordic Food Lab in Copenhagen,Denmark. “It’s going to be a very strong player in the culinary world.”