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Riviera Maya Real Estate News: 2012 Day of the Dead Celebration Nov 1

22 October, 2012

Mexico is prepping to celebrate Dia de los Muertos,or Day of the Dead,on November 1. On this special evening,people throughout Mexico and the Riviera Maya will gather at cemeteries throughout the country to enjoy lavish feasts,drink and celebrate the lives of all those loved ones who have passed on. 

It is customary for entire families to gather together,enjoying meals and snacks once loved by the departed and decorating the graves with flowers. And there is no better place to celebrate Dia de los Muertos than along Mexico’s stunning Caribbean coast where the most beautiful Riviera Maya real estate can be found. 

Here,the ancient Mayans believed you were already walking closer to the afterlife,among the lush green vegetation and on well-worn paths leading you down into cenotes. These deep pits were formed centuries ago by sinkholes that collapsed,creating caves,underground fresh water streams,waterfalls and ponds where the Mayans believed spirits could be found. 

Regardless of where you are in Mexico on Nov. 1,the Day of the Dead celebrations are sure to be something you will not soon forget. As the sun dips below the horizon,people will be seen lounging on beach chairs,listening to music and lighting candles in remembrance. It is a celebration for all ages and visitors will also enjoy the festivities.

For the indigenous Mayans near Cancun,Dia de los Muertos is actually a religious holiday,but many other people in the area will also celebrate Halloween. The Xcaret ecological theme park located about one hour south of Cancun,for example,will hold a celebration that combines elements of Dia de los Muertos and Halloween. Here,the park has constructed a mock cemetery with 365 gravesites that are designed to represent the cultural differences of all of Mexico’s regions.