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A Journey Into Paradise

Rivera Maya Real Estate News: Staying In-Touch from the Riviera Maya

12 October, 2012

Having lived in Riviera Maya real estate for over three years now,I have found that technology has not failed us when it comes to staying in-touch with friends and family,no matter where they are located throughout the globe.  Yes,emails are great,but depending on the circumstance,can take more time than is necessary.   In fact,there are several other methods for communicating that I have utilized that incorporate text,speech,and video.  The best part: most of them only require,at minimum,an internet connection.  Here’s a list:

Skype: Works like a regular phone and is free for Skype to Skype calls anywhere in the world,but also has instant messaging,and video chat.  We at Investment Properties Mexico utilize Skype for all of our business calls.

Facebook: I am pretty sure everyone has it now,and can be very addicting,for good reason.  Regardless,if kept updated,there is no better way to keep up with and comment on what is going on in a friend or family member’s life.

Magic Jack: Another inexpensive phone service.

FaceTime: Video calling for any Apple user,by computer or Iphone. 

WhatsApp: Smartphone application that allows you text-message other users for free anywhere in the world.

Viber: Smartphone application that allows you to call and text-message other users for free anywhere in the world.

Zello: Works just like a walkie-talkie,allowing you to page and talk with any other user.

I am sure there are many more I am missing,but isn’t that a great problem to have.