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A Journey Into Paradise

World's Largest Golf Lesson attempted in Playa del Carmen at Mayakoba

13 September, 2012

There is an exciting event being planned for the Mayakoba Golf Classic tournament,which is to be held in Playa Del Carmen for the fifth year running.  There is an additional buzz surrounding the popular competition this year thanks to a Guinness World Record attempt that will be held on the 23rd of January,2011.

The record,which Mexico is hoping to take ownership of,is the world’s largest golf lesson ever to be held.  This will be organized by the extremely popular Golf FORE Everyone program at Mayakoba in Riviera Maya,which sees around 1000 participants attending each month.  Golf FORE Everyone is a 4-year education program concentrating on golf that teaches all aspects of the sport.

The current record for the largest golf class took place back in 2010 on October 9th in Pine Valley in Beijing and they won the record by having 1032 people take part in the lesson.  This easily took the title to China,who beat the previous record of 632 participants.  Playa Del Carmen is excited about the upcoming tournament and the record attempt and is confident that they will be able to claim the title.

In order to encourage as many players and spectators as possible to attend the competition there will be free transportation to the location in Sport City from Cancun which will depart that day at 12:15pm.  Further transportation will be organized to run from Boxito in Playa Del Carmen at 12:45 pm.  This means that more people are able to attend and reach the lesson in time for its 1:30 pm starting time.

The Golf FORE Everyone classes are held each month and are run by the Matakoba Golf Classic and the El Camaleon Golf Club.  The classes provide a great way for locals and expats who live in the area to get involved in the sport and make use of the amazing courses that are located in Playa Del Carmen and other popular Mexican destinations.

There are no age limits or restrictions in place for those who wish to get involved with the educational program.  Everyone is welcome to come and get involved in the golf sessions regardless of their golf background,skills or knowledge of the sport.  It is an excellent way to get involved in the community and improve the unity of the residents of Playa Del Carmen real estate.

Many tourists and inhabitants of Playa Del Carmen are expected to attend this exciting event,either as spectators or to help break the world record.  Tickets are still available and can be collected by the Playa Del Carmen citizens from the Mayakoba Golf Classic tournament office,which is located close to the El Camaleon clubhouse.

If you are not a resident but you would like to attend the event then you can visit the tournament’s official website at www.MayakobaGolfClassic.com to order your tickets and find out more information about one of the most exiting tournaments coming up in Playa Del Carmen.

The golf tournament is just one of many exhilarating activities that are hosted each year in Playa Del Carmen,Mexico.  Events such as these help improve the lives of the locals,and they have a huge appeal to the tourists and Mexico real estate investors who are enjoying their retirement in Playa Del Carmen.