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A Journey Into Paradise

Victoria's Secret Angel in Tulum

13 September, 2012

Globetrotting supermodel,Alessandra Ambrosio from Brazil, was recently spotted on the Mexican Riviera Maya in Tulum.  Clad in a barely-there bikini, the stunning model was tweeting from the beach and promoting the company’s new seven-way custom bra. 

Despite missing some parties in New York, the supermodel was happy to be in Tulum, Mexico, on one of the most superb beaches anywhere in the world.  Today Tulum is a major draw for sun worshippers who crave a little more privacy than they can find up the coast in Playa Del Carmen and Cancun, but in the past Tulum was a major center of the Mayan civilization.  There are some fantastic ruins of a citadel on the 40 foot cliffs overlooking the beach here and are one of the star attractions at Tulum.

Ms Ambrosio is not the only star to discover the attractions that Tulum has to offer.  Actress Jaime Winstone, All Saints star Mel Blatt and singer Natalie Imbruglia were all spotted at resorts here during the New Year’s celebrations.  Tulum has a much more low key and relaxed atmosphere than its well known cousins up the coast, but the beach is just as nice (if not better, because it’s not as crowded).  You can also spot baby turtles, go cave diving for local cenotes, or enjoy snorkeling and kite surfing.  With the new international airport under construction, along with the government’s increased infrastructure spending on new roads and highways, Tulum will not remain a secret for long.

Tulum real estate is gaining in popularity with each new star sighting and it is even being billed as the new Goa as far as new trendy hot spots for vacation destinations.  Come down to the beach, take a yoga class, and have a cocktail on the beach.  The spectacular views of the Caribbean Ocean and lack of crowds will keep you coming back year after year.