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A Journey Into Paradise

Tulum,Mexico,Recognized for Having One of World’s Most Beautiful Sunrises

13 September, 2012

The Huffington Post recently recognized Tulum,Mexico,for having one of the world’s most magnificent sunrises. The beauty of Tulum property entices savvy travelers from around the world who are looking for a relaxing and spiritual place to get away from the stresses of daily life. Located just 80 miles south of Cancun,Tulum is easily one of the most beautiful and impressive destinations in all of Mexico.

It is the perfect place to enjoy a beachfront yoga class,and also offers a rich cultural history that is set against the backdrop of lush jungle and the stunning crystal clear waters of the Mexican Caribbean Sea. Tulum is known for having an eco-conscious approach to tourism,which is evident in the town’s many efforts toward establishing sustainable practices. This attracts many travelers who are eager to get up in time to enjoy the gorgeous sunrises,which are best viewed right from the beach.

Although it is easy to find rest and relaxation in Tulum,there are also plenty of activities available to keep even the most adventurous travelers busy if they so desire. For example,the region is known for its many underwater caverns,which provide many opportunities to dive,snorkel and swim in the clear water among fantastic underwater cave formations. Known as cenotes,there are several of these underwater caves located very close to the downtown area of Tulum,including Gran Cenote,Cenote Calaveras,Cenote Sos Ojos and Cenote Cristal. 

Also,there is a magnificent archaeological site located just outside of town,with ancient Mayan ruins perched high atop a cliff overlooking the sea. On a hot summer day it is quite an experience to swim out in the water below the ruins to cool off and view their majestic beauty from the sea. The ancient Mayan city is now the third most visited archaeological site in all of Mexico real estate and flourished as a major center for trade and commerce from around 1,200 AD until the Spanish arrived in the early 16th century.