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A Journey Into Paradise

Top Choice for Celebrities: Las Ventanas in Cabo San Lucas Real Estate

13 September, 2012

With a resort name like "Las Ventanas Al Paraiso," which translates to mean,"Window to Paradise,"  you can’t help but imagine a fabulous holiday getaway. Cabo San Lucas is complete with every possible luxury and breathtaking views of the ocean,the impressive coastline and the surrounding landscape. Because Las Ventanas has continuously exceeded the highest expectations of A-listers,the resort has gained the reputation of being the “Ultimate Holiday Resort” since its opening 14 years ago. 

When their busy schedules permit,many of today's most popular celebrities frequently visit the resort,including Cameron Diaz,George Clooney,Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez. Other stars who had been sighted sunbathing or simply enjoying the immaculate resort include Sheryl Crow,Jessica Alba,Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson. In fact,there are only rare instances when a day goes by without spotting a superstar or two at the resort located in the middle of beautiful Cabo San Lucas real estate

True enough,many Hollywood stars do not want to spend their holidays too far away from their home base. Even if they have the privilege of chartering jets to practically any part of the globe,the majority still prefer holiday destinations that are located just across the Mexican border. And out of the multitude of glitzy resorts vying to host the mega-rich and ultra-popular,Las Ventanas in Cabo definitely tops the list. 

Every visitor’s room is thoughtfully installed with telescopes that allow guests to take in the beautiful sights of the landscape,the ocean and any passing wildlife,or maybe just to gander at the celebrity "wildlife" that are always about at the resort. Guests may wonder at how the staff just suddenly materializes from nowhere,especially during moments when their service is most necessary. This is made possible by a number of subterranean passageways that hide all the fuss as members of the staff go about their duties,providing the best service to highly valued guests. 

When it is time to leave and head back to the hustle and bustle of everyday life,visitors will surely feel the desire to linger a little longer in Los Cabos. With standard 24-hour butler service,luxury spas,amazing food service and an infinity pool just a few steps away from hotel rooms,everyone can enjoy the lifestyle of the rich and famous.  Just one of the amazing places within Cabo and the gorgeous homes in Cabo San Lucas.