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A Journey Into Paradise

The Bisbee Fishing Tournament - The “Superbowl” of Fishing

13 September, 2012

Located just beneath
the U.S border,the city of Cabo San Lucas,Mexico,is already no stranger to
tourism. But starting in mid-October each year,the city becomes full of
fishermen from all over the world,who are all hoping to get a slice of a
pretty big pie. As always,this year excitement filled the air as the Bisbee
Fishing tournament went underway,and although Bisbee focuses essentially on
catching black or blue Marlin,the real attraction comes from the potential to
make millions of dollars… and from the excellent odds at doing so.

Fifty of the best
fishing teams from every continent came together to chase a common dream: To
catch a marlin fish that weighs more than 300-pounds,and to leave with more
money than they came with. The tournament lasts only a few days,but the days
are fun-filled and eventful,keeping amateur fishermen,professionals and
families entertained by the action. Music,dancing and colorful fireworks
filled the sky as the Bisbee Black and Blue tournament kicked off with a
celebration on the 19th of October.

While the fishermen
are definitely the most enthusiastic,local investors and business owners are
always pretty excited as well. Not only is the competition fierce,but the view
in Cabo San Lucas isn’t too bad,either. Home to some of the most beautiful
properties,beaches and tropical scenery in the world,investors have become
eager to purchase condos as quickly as possible,before the more sought-after
properties are occupied.

As Bisbee increases
in popularity and in monetary value,it’s quickly rising to the top of the
world’s most popular fishing tournaments. The Bisbee tournament has been named
the “Superbowl of Fishing” by Sports
magazine,and the anticipation of next year’s tournament has
already begun to build. As the stakes get higher,the price of property in Cabo
San Lucas and the surrounding areas is increasing,and everyone is taking

Tourists can often
expect to pay more for less during these events,and some may even be turned
away. There are so many people attending,and reservations must be made so
early,that business owners,investors and avid fishermen alike are all
stepping up to buy property in Mexico to avoid the hassle of finding lodging,
and in order to guarantee a successful trip to Bisbee.

The weather in
Mexico grazes perfection in the fall,as the skies are sunny and the waters run
clear. The average temperature during October is in the upper 80’s during the
day,and mid-60’s at night,which is perfect for enjoying the tournament and
then hitting the town afterward. With downtown Cabo’s restaurants,bars and
clubs conveniently located and always busier than usual during the tournament,
local businessmen can appreciate the attention that Bisbee brings,while the
investors can happily toast to the success of their real-estate investment
properties. A combination of Mexican storms (which bring out the largest fish),
combined with an exceedingly desirable jackpot full of prize money,work
together to encourage the best fishermen and the smartest investors alike to
come down to Mexico each year for one of the most exotic fishing tournaments in
the world.

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