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A Journey Into Paradise

The archaeological site of Muyil between exuberance and Mayan Mystery

13 September, 2012

Considered one of the 20 most
important archaeological sites in the country for its size and the amount of
pre-Hispanic ruins,Muyil’s Archaeological Zone,is one of the few sites that
combines historic charm with the lush vegetation and the imposing scenery of
the Caribbean Sea.

This ancient Mayan city is
located 10 minutes south of Tulum real
,Cancun only an hour and a half away and is part of the
Biosphere Reserve of Sian Ka'an,Quintana Roo,which has become one of the best
options for the visitors and investors.

Muyil,named after the vocative
of one of the two adjacent lagoons (Muyil and Chunyaxché) represents one of the
best preserved sites of environmentally protected reserve,a fact which makes
it an attractive place for those interested in our history and live with

The tour of the Mayan settlement,
which reached its highest development in the Late Post-classic (1200/1250 at
the time of Spanish contact 1500-1521) - began in the area known as the” Grupo
de la Entrada”,which shows the first set of buildings such as pyramidal
structures,temples,altars and platforms.

According to information from the
National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH),everything called
attention to the small building known to archaeologists as 7H3 structure,
consisting of a double temple with a shrine inside,more than 750 years old,
where you can still see remains of stucco and wall painting in various shades.

By continuing to go down the
sidewalk surrounded by the abundant jungle vegetation,the surprise comes at
the moment when you come across a temple 17 meters high known as “El Castillo”,
whose summit is a temple that looks like a turret,this making it a typical
structure for the region.

Another element that makes forced
contemplation of this ancient Mayan building is a plaster frieze found on the
back,which contains the representation in relief of two herons walking in the
opposite direction.

The next site visit in Muyil
occurs in the so-called Temple 8,a building that rests on a pyramidal base 20
by 15 meters,with two entrances.

This small building is one of
many examples of the architectural style that developed in the region between
1200-1500,called the East Coast and which consisted of vaulted structures,
access consists of columns or piers,and sometimes had shrine interior.

During the restoration work on
the Temple 8,INAH specialists left it a substructure and a staircase that is
within the same order that the public can appreciate the nuclear part of
pre-Hispanic building.

As you walk along a path you can
clearly see what was once the civic square platforms with stairs on each side,
referring to the four cardinal points. Here is where Mayan Leaders would make
their public speeches to their people.

According to archaeologists,
Muyil in prehispanic times played an important role in the coastal trade route,
because although it is located next to the Caribbean Sea,its economic activity
was developed by the pair of adjacent lakes.

The visit to Muyil cannot
conclude without going to the lake which gives its name to the archaeological
site and is located one kilometer away. There is a raised viewpoint which has a
panoramic view of the lake and its connection to the Caribbean.

Muyil can be reached by Federal
Highway 307,is open 365 days a year,from 8:00 to 17:00. The cost is 29 pesos
and Sunday admission is free for nationals. Those under 13,disabled and
elderly are free,as well as students and teachers with valid ID.

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