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Starbucks Opens 300th Location in Mexico

13 September, 2012

The famous international retailer and coffee roaster,Starbucks Coffee Company,recently opened its 300th Mexican store in partnership with Alsea,a manager of fast foot establishments,as reported by DBR.

Howard Schultz,the Starbucks CEO,president,and chairman,president,said that Starbucks and Alsea have been devoted to delivering the Starbucks company culture to their combined customers in the eight years they’ve been in business together.

He added “Our 300th store opening not only marks substantial growth in this market,but it also represents our continued enthusiasm for providing positive impact in our local stores and coffee growing communities in Mexico.”

The coffee farmers that Starbucks obtains coffee from help to protect the forest’s biodiversity and wildlife by using organic,traditional shade-growing farming methods. This is not only good for the environment,but also makes certain that a quality product is the end result.

Together,Starbucks and Alsea employ over 3,200 partners and operate Starbucks stores in a total of 43 cities within Mexico.

Alsea,in addition to Starbucks,also works with other international brands such as Popeyes Chicken,Burger King,Chili’s Grill & Bar,and Domino’s Pizza. The variety of brands that Alsea is in partnership with ensures that any American visitors to Mexico will be able to access all of the familiar food comforts they’re used to enjoying back home while abroad. This gives an added sense of convenience and familiarity when visiting Mexico,and is one more reason for it to top your travel list.