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Second Walmart Opens for Playa Del Carmen Real Estate

13 September, 2012

A brand new Walmart was opened on December 3rd 2010 at the north end of Playa Del Carmen in addition to the original Walmart located on 30th Avenue in Playa.  This is an up and coming area of an already popular location for many retired Americans and Canadians who are looking for an ideal retirement in the stunning Mexican city.

There are many gated communities that have already been completed and now more attention is being paid to other parts of Playa Del Carmen. The goal is to meet the growing demand for quality real estate investment opportunities. 

Playa Del Carmen was already home to a Walmart location,but since expansion began on the north side it was felt that it was necessary to introduce a new shopping area.  It has been forecasted that this new shopping area will meet all the needs for new expats buying retirement properties in the rapidly expanding community.

City offices,a full scale shopping center,and some very attractive residential locations are already in place. Mexico home owners and tourists alike are able to enjoy the nearby mall and the movie theater,which showcases many films in English.  Add to this the casino and you have an area that is the ideal place to live the lifestyle you have always dreamed of while living in North America.

There are many residential areas nearby that also offer great real estate prices for anyone who wishes to own a Playa home.  One of the most appealing is Viliv,which has luxury condos for sale starting at $135,000 USD.  The properties are within walking distance from the glorious white sandy beaches and mouthwatering tropical blue seas.  

This is just one of many gated communities which attract retired expats who wish to own their own Playa Del Carmen home.  These communities provide a secure and exclusive setting where future developments are monitored to keep up with the upscale lifestyle found in Playa Del Carmen gated communities.

The new Walmart and adjacent shopping area is positioned in the ideal location for the owners of Playa Del Carmen homes in the north of the city.  It has been carefully planned so that the shopping center is easily accessible via the main access road for this area of Playa Del Carmen.  This is a 6 lane bypass which encourages traffic away from the city and connects to the main highway at both the north and south end of Playa.

If you are interested in living close to these access points yet still want to enjoy the tranquility and luxurious lifestyle offered by Playa Del Carmen real estate, then it is worth focusing on this area to hunt for your new home.  Close to the highway entrances are several new resorts which have recently been constructed or are still under development.

These Mexican homes to buy have extremely attractive price tags and are only ten minutes’ drive from the new Walmart and other amenities.  For example,along with Viliv is another complex called Villas Tranquilidad.  Here,you can find gorgeous three bedroom units that come with a pool and a relaxing green space. 

Playa Del Carmen condos are being snapped up very quickly,but you will be able to find villas that are still available.  Future investments and continued developments only mean great things for the expats who are smart enough to buy in this thriving city of Mexico.

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