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A Journey Into Paradise

Retiring in Mexico: The New American Dream

13 September, 2012

in Mexico
continues to grow in
popularity among those reaching retirement age in the United States,in part
thanks to the sun,sand and surf that can be found in many areas south of the
border. In addition,the higher cost of living and healthcare in the US,
combined with a stagnant economy,has only helped to strengthen Mexico's appeal
among the aging population.

The Mexican government has
consistently invested in its infrastructure and amenities over the last 30
years,making drastic improvements to the country's communication capabilities,
highways,airports,hospitals,hotels and the housing that can be found here.
In addition,Mexico's real estate prices are much lower than those found in
many comparable locations throughout the US.

Retiring in Mexico also brings with
it other benefits,including access to a visa that makes travel to and from
your home country easy. Known as a “rentista,” this visa is available for
retirees and requires holders to prove that they receive a stable monthly
income. In addition,the IMSS offers a state-sponsored medical plan that costs
around $200 annually and covers basic care,including dental and vision.

Buying real estate south of the
border is also a simple process and does not require buyers to become Mexican
citizens. Experienced real estate agents can help with every step of the buying
process and are trained to assist retirees in finding the perfect property at
the perfect price. Expats will also enjoy the low property taxes in Mexico,
which are much less than those found in most parts of the US and can really
provide a bonus for individuals who are living on a fixed income.

The dining,shopping and
entertainment options that can be found in Mexico's favorite retirement
destinations,such as Playa del Carmen,Cancun and Puerto Vallarta,are also
second to none. The many world-class amenities will leave expats feeling at
home and at ease,with plenty of options available to suit virtually any
interest - and budget.

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