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A Journey Into Paradise

Playa del Carmen Nature Park Earns Guinness Record

13 September, 2012

Playa's Xcaret Eco Theme Park has earned a place in The Guinness World Records as their reproduction program administered the largest number of Macaw births in captivity in a single year.

A grand total of 10 Military Macaws and 95 Scarlet Macaws that were originally born within the boundaries of the park are now two years old. Biologist Rodolfo Raigoza added that the species do not reproduce easily,making the park located in the Riviera Maya within Playa del Carmen real estate a constant work in progress.

"Macaws are endangered species in our country and their habits make reproduction very difficult. They are very faithful to their mate (and) only have one mate in their lifetime. They choose their partner and never separate and if one of the two dies it's very uncommon for (the remaining bird) to seek another mate," Raigoza said.

Since a large number of Macaw couples are sterile and others do not build nests,the birds need a lot of help in reproducing.  During the 90 days after birth however,most of the Macaws are kept in incubators and remain to be supervised.

"Our team of moms and dads of the little birds are responsible for feeding them. It's very intense work. Imagine what it's like to feed 105 baby birds every four hours for at least three months," Raigoza said.

To exemplify the seriousness and the near extinction of the Macaws,the Mexican government made trafficking Macaws a federal crime in 2001. Today,the Xcaret Macaw Reproduction Center houses 772 birds. Astonishingly,more than 90 percent of the housed birds were also born at that facility.

The representative of the Guinness World Records,Kimberly Patrick,certified these credentials,commending the park's tremendous achievement and praising Grupo Xcaret President Miguel Quintana Pali,who is also owner of the park.

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