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A Journey Into Paradise

More Than 2 Million Retire Americans Call Mexico Real Estate Home

13 September, 2012

According to Mexico’s tourism secretary
Gloria Guevara,more than 2 million retired Americans have opted to make Mexico
their home,thanks to the fabulous climate and excellent economic environment.

At last week’s 1st National
Forum for Retired Americans: Expectations and Solutions of Life in Mexico,
Guevara discussed all the Mexico has to offer,including business tourism,
medical tourism and traditional tourism geared towards rest and relaxation. In
addition,she said that the country’s most popular retirement destinations are
currently located in Mexico real estate’s coastal communities and northwestern

“Retired Americans are a segment of
great importance for developing the economy of the nation’s tourist
destinations,” she stated,adding that,“More and more Canadians are also
opting for retirement in Mexico.”

Also of note,the International
Community Foundation has released a series of research reports that examine the
trends of U.S. retirees settling in Mexico’s coastal areas. The studies used
data collected from surveys,focus groups and interviews that were administered
to more than 840 retirees living in Mexico real estate
either full or part-time.

Richard Kiy,who is the president of
the ICF,stated the studies show that more than 50% of the retired Americans who
have chosen to make their home here are under the age of 65 and have chosen
Mexico for its luxurious amenities and thriving economic condition. In fact,he
says that 34% of study participants have stated that the current global
economic recession has not affected their retirement or quality of life.  Also,the fact that Mexico is situated close
to the U.S. and Canada plays a deciding factor in the decision process for many
retirees,as does the affordability of Mexico real estate,especially in the
coastal areas. In addition,an impressive 93% of study participants stated that
drug-related violence,which is clustered far from the country’s popular
retirement destinations,has not impacted their retirement in any way and was
not an important factor in their decision to move to Mexico.

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