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A Journey Into Paradise

Mexico's Xel-Ha Caribbean Eco-Tourism Park Attracts Rays

13 September, 2012

The Xel-Ha Eco-Park in Mexico's stunning Caribbean has developed a new program that is attracting rays,which is a big hit among tourists visiting the area,according to a report last month by Fox News Latino. Visitors to the Riviera Maya park are really enjoying the new ray encounter and have been flocking to the park in order to make contact with these amazing creatures.

“This species is found widely in the coves and we have been working with them for more than eight years so they will respond to sound stimulus and will voluntarily go near the activity site and interact with visitors,” said an official from Xel-Ha. “At the end of the activity,visitors can kiss them and get a 'massage' from the rays.”

Under close supervision from experienced park trainers,tourists are allowed to touch and play with the rays for up to 30 minutes at a time while they learn about the animals,including their reproductive habits,feeding requirements,ideal habitats and anatomy. One main goal of the program is to allow visitors to experience the joys of interacting with these fabulous animals in their natural environment,instead of only in aquariums. 

The Xel-Ha Aquatic Institute's biology team regularly observes the rays living in the natural area,removing troublesome parasites and treating the cataracts they are prone to develop on their eyes. In addition,the biologists treat other wounds found on the rays,allowing them to continue comfortably living in their natural environment.

Owned by Grupo Xcaret,Xel-Ha also operates the nearby Xplor and Xcaret Eco-tourism parks,which are also located in Mexico's stunning Riviera Maya. At Xel-Ha,tourists can also enjoy swimming with dolphins and manatees,while snorkeling,scuba diving and swimming among the crystal clear waters,which are filled with mangroves and cenotes,providing opportunities for countless activities to suit any skill level.

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