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A Journey Into Paradise

Mexico's Sea Turtles

13 September, 2012

The coastal waters of Mexico have
been a favorite nesting area for sea turtles for centuries and the country's
many efforts at preserving this fact are quickly establishing it as a worldwide
leader in nature conservation.  The
Mayan Riviera has a variety of well-established programs for endangered species
and is working hard to make sure that Mexico remains an available and desirable
habitat for nesting turtles. 

As a matter of fact,don’t be
surprised if while vacationing in beautiful Playa del Carmen in the Mexican
state of Quintana Roo this summer,you get to witness one of the most rare and
magical gifts that life has to offer.  Loggerhead sea turtles are in the midst of laying their eggs
on the beaches here for the third time in less than three years.  More than 200 baby turtles were seen by
last summer’s guests and this year a number of lucky individuals were already
able to watch one mama turtle arrive,dig her nest,lay her eggs and then make
her way back into the Caribbean Sea. 

Loggerhead sea turtles can weigh
as much as 500 lbs and be up to four feet in length.  From May to October,females come and lay up to 120 round white
eggs each.  It takes around 60 days
for the eggs to hatch and local authorities are quick to play a protective role
so that the eggs are not vulnerable to natural predators. 

Xcacel,also known as “Turtle
Beach,” lies only ten minutes north of Tulum real estate in the Mayan Riviera
and just ninety miles south of Cancun. 
Not only is Xcacel one of the region’s most immaculate and pristine
beaches,but it also offers a rare glimpse into the mysterious lives of the sea
turtles.  From the first part of May
to midsummer,one can witness firsthand live sea turtles actually in the
process laying eggs in the sand. 
Keep in mind that this only happens at night,so those wishing to
experience this precious cycle of life and nature should choose a night that is
well-lit by the moon and stars,since flashlights will scare the turtles and
interfere with their procreative process.

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