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A Journey Into Paradise

Mexico: where the little things count

13 September, 2012

I have been coming to Mexico for seven years now and have seen the growth of the Rivera Maya  which is truly amazing. Seven years ago you struggled to get curry powder down here and as I am from the UK and beer and a curry go hand in hand,especially on a Friday. To my amazement,there is a store that sells every spice you can imagine and an Indian restaurant right here in Playa del Carmen for all the Playa del Carmen homes and condos. The chicken tikka and samosas are great. It,however,does not stop there... 

I was in Soriana and Walmart this week in Playa and the range of European beers is now the same as the UK with Amstel to Stella and my favorite Kronenberg. We even had 4 cases of Guiness delivered right to the house in Puerto Aventuras,a day after ordering it!  I must say I knew this area was the fastest growing town in the World in 2006 (according to the Guinness book of records),and that it still is the fastest growing in all of Latin America. We have all read about the massive infrastructure on roads,airports and all the wonderful investment and development opportunities,but sometimes it's the small things that count like your favorite food,drink and washing powder.

Everything is here now with 2 Walmart stores in Playa del Carmen; many more in Cancun and one soon to be opening in Tulum,Costco,Sam's Club,City Club,Home Depot,Sears,Pier 1,many many Starbuck's,and much more. You truly can get whatever want! For me,it's home away from home now but with one added bonus - its always sunny and the people are always friendly.  

The plus side to all of this growth shows that the world is a small place and Mexico is no longer a developing county,it is becoming a very developed country. The middle class is growing and everyone is demanding the comforts of home whether it is a new i-phone or Cadbury's chocolate. It may not seem much to you,but believe me,when you live down here,there are certain things you cannot do without: Curry,Beer and Cadburys chocolate! Don't take my word for it,just come down and see for yourself.