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A Journey Into Paradise

Mexico: things you may or may not know about this up and coming country.

13 September, 2012

The politics here for 70 years were run by the Institutional Revolutionary Party or PRI for short,but in late 1997 elections where held which saw a break through here in the government and the one party system which leant towards a democratic party. Again in 2000 the trend was confirmed as Vincent Fox became the leader for the opposition.

Mexico has 3 main income streams the first being Oil and gas,the second is money being sent back by workers in the USA. The third is tourism which is growing fast. Most of the Oil is brought by the USA,and another interesting fact is 70% of the tourism money is spent along the Rivera Maya which goes from Cancun south to Tulum where a new international airport is about to get underway.

In 2001 another ground breaking law was given the go ahead when Mexico's indigenous people where given political autonomy.

Below are some other facts and figures about this country.

Full name: United Mexican States

Population: 109.6 million (UN,2009)

Capital: Mexico City

Area: 1.96 million sq km (758,449 sq miles)

Major language: Spanish

Major religion: Christianity

Life expectancy: 74 years (men),79 years (women) (UN)

Monetary unit: 1 peso = 100 centavos

Main exports: Machinery and transport equipment,mineral fuels and lubricants,food and live animals

GNI per capita: US $9,980 (World Bank,2008)

Internet domain: .mx

International dialling code: +52

Hope these few facts and figures wet you appetite to come and visit this country. I am sure when you have tasted a beer or two you will want to move here,invest here or like me end up working here! Take it from me it's a fantastic way of life,don't take my word for it come and see for yourself.