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A Journey Into Paradise

Mexico Real Estate Update: "Martha Stewart Show" features Mexico City

13 September, 2012

In a recent special episode of the
Emmy-winning “Martha Stewart Show,” Martha Stewart experienced the modern side
of Mexico City’s thriving culinary scene,artisanal designs and stunning
architecture. Scheduled to be aired on the Hallmark Channel in early November,
the show puts Mexico City and Mexico real estate front
and center.

In the one-hour episode,Stewart hits
the road to discover all that North America’s largest city has to offer,with a
special emphasis on the food and design of the region. This includes exploring
the contemporary side of this ancient capital city,which is home to a variety
of centuries-old traditions that have inspired some of today’s top chefs,
architects and artisans.

Stewart can be seen enjoying classic
street food,visiting the homes of several artists and biking through one of
the world’s most impressive urban parks with Marcelo Ebrard,who is the current
Mayor of Mexico City. Throughout the episode,the host becomes increasingly
enamored of the charms offered by this thriving metropolis,which is
world-renowned for being of the best destinations for culinary experts.

Stewart also visits with an impressive
array of award-winning local chefs,including Patricia Quintana of Izote,
Martha Ortiz of Dulce Patria and Ricardo Munoz Zurita of Azul Condesa. All of
these gifted chefs share a common love of the traditional side of Mexico City,
which has inspired their work in various ways. In addition,the local food
markets offer a colorful and exciting array of everything from meat to fruit,
but the design and architecture of Mexico City also takes center stage.

Finally,internationally acclaimed
architect Fernando Romero takes Stewart on a tour of the new Soumaya Museum,
which opened this year and is a stunning modern twist on ancient principles of
design. In addition,famed interior designer and product developer Maggie
Calton provides a demonstration of traditional craft techniques that also work
to foster sustainable growth of rural Mexican artisans.

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