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A Journey Into Paradise

Mexico Real Estate: The Exquisite Art of Tracey Buyce Helps Street Dogs in Mexico

13 September, 2012

After photographer Tracey Buyce spent time in Cancun,Mexico,last year,she decided to return and lend her talents to a project that aims to help the city’s stay dogs and cats,which can often be found roaming loose on the local streets and beaches. Buyce is an avid animal lover,who owns two adopted dogs and a cat that she rescued from animal shelters.

“I want to tell their story,” shares Buyce. “The dogs of Cancun touched my heart and taught me about compassion,cruelty,love,hard work,and taking action for a cause.”

Buyce is volunteering with CANDi International,which has set a lofty goal of saving the lives of stray cats and dogs in Mexico and the Caribbean through spay,neuter,adoption and educational programs. The organization is funded by the tourism industry,travelers and pet lovers from around the world.

Buyce flew to Mexico recently to photograph one of CANDi’s spay/neuter clinics and to shed some light on the plight of homeless animals around the world. Her images are both heartwarming and poignant,and are guaranteed to evoke emotion among pet lovers,which is her goal. Buyce hopes the images will help spur people to action both locally and globally. 

Since a mere $20 donation covers the cost of spaying or neutering one dog or cat,it is easy for anyone to get involved and make a difference. When you consider that one unsterilzed female dog and her offspring are capable of producing upwards of 67,000 puppies in less than six years,it becomes clear just how vital these organizations are in curbing the stray pet population in resort areas like Cancun. 

The free sterilization clinics and other services offered by organizations like CANDi International are often the only resources that are available for local workers who have a desire to help get strays off the streets.

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