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Mexico Real Estate News: Universal Healthcare Plan Announced

13 September, 2012

According to a recent announcement by
health minister Salomon Chertorivski,Mexico 
has allocated more than $40 billion USD for its annual healthcare
budget. The country's new Seguro Popular healthcare coverage plan will provide
financial assistance for Mexican citizens in need of medical care and is
already showing promising signs of being a success.

More than 50 million of Mexico's
citizens have already signed up for the Seguro Popular plan,prompting the
health ministry to announce that it expects to reach universal coverage by
December of 2011. This means that financial help for medical treatment would be
available to every citizen of Mexico,reversing the country's previous trend,
which determined that nearly 50% of citizens were without adequate access to
medical care.

Over the last 14 months the health
ministry has faced a number of challenges in trying to establish the Seguro
Popular plan,including improving the quality of care administered in hospitals
across Mexico. To accomplish this,the ministry has established more than 1,000
new treatment centers and hospitals and has increased efforts to offer
sufficient preventative care for patients.

“President Calderon instructed us to
move as fast and efficient as possible,” said Chertorivski.

The new Seguro Popular plan will cover
all costs for first aid involving minor injuries,allergies and certain
diseases,and will also pay for medication. In addition,95% of overnight
hospital stays will be paid for,while 100% of terminal illnesses will be
covered for patients who are under the age of 18. Children under five will be
covered for all health related charges,and all HIV-related expenses will be

The government of Mexico has made the
wise decision to view universal medical care as an investment rather than as an
expense,improving the financial condition of its citizens and creating a
system that will undoubtedly make retiring in Mexico even more appealing for
expats from around the world.

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