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Mexico Real Estate News: Karisma Luxury Resorts Go Green

13 September, 2012

The Karisma luxury resort chain,which owns eight eco-friendly resorts in Mexico,has established itself as “a pioneer in the country’s ecotourism sector,” according to Forbes. 

Mexico’s Karisma resorts,which are all located along the stunning Riviera Maya,offer a variety of educational and sustainable activities for eco-conscious travelers. Karisma’s luxurious El Dorado Spa Resorts & Hotels,and the brand’s Azul Hotels,have taken the all-inclusive concept to the next level,which Karisma calls “gourmet inclusive.” 

The properties boast their very own newly expanded 100,000 square foot greenhouse,incorporate a variety of sustainable practices,and are situated on some of the most beautiful Mexico real estate that is available anywhere in the country. Impressively,the greenhouse grows all of the resort chain’s produce,yielding more than 120 crops each year. Located on the grounds of the El Dorado Royale,the greenhouse helps supply the goods to make the impressive meals for which the Karisma name is known. 

“Our gourmet inclusive philosophy is rooted in culinary excellence and we feel these enhancements heighten the dining experience at El Dorado Royale while educating others about the greenhouse’s impact on the environment,” shared Jeroen Hanlo,vice president of food and beverage options for El Dorado Spa Resorts & Hotels and Azul Hotels. 

Locals,tourists,nearby resorts and employees can also purchase the freshly grown produce,and there are also learning tours available that take the time to explain the organic growth process. In addition,visitors can take part in organic cooking seminars and often get to taste the goodness of freshly picked fruits and vegetables.

The Karisma resort chain also incorporates solar powered water heaters,regular tree plantings and major recycling efforts in Mexico’s Riviera Maya,helping the region to remain at the forefront of modern luxury eco-tourism,which is attracting a new breed of travelers from around the world. 

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